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Automobile Accident Injuries:



We also specialize in automobile accident cases. This type of case involves only the Intensive Level of Care, but frequency and time frame of care depends upon the severity of injuries.


It is important to treat with a doctor who is trained in automobile accident injuries in order to insure proper treatment is administered, and that is completed with in a defensible period of time.


Dr. Richard R. Clymore, D.C specialized in the treatment of automobile injuries. Dr. Clymore has completed postgraduate training for this type of injury. He has advanced Certification in Whiplash Biomechanics and Injury Traumatology, through the Spine Research Institute of San Diego.



Why Chiropractic Care is the Treatment of Choice:

Studies show that the most effective form of treatment for automobile injuries is Chiropractic care, with the incorporation of a home therapy regimen.


Chiropractic care in automobile accident cases is proven to be more effective than treatment administered by a medical doctor prescribing drugs, or physical therapy.


Do I need an attorney?


Retaining an attorney insures you will receive the most fair settlement from the third party insurance (other driver's insurance) when you are not at fault. Retaining an attorney also allows you to concentrate your efforts on recovering from the accident, while the attorney handles all communications with the third party insurance. There is no up-front cost when you retain an attorney. They get paid at the end of the case out of the settlement. Your insurance normally reduces their reimbursement for services rendered by 33% to cover the cost of the attorney since the attorney, in essence, is working on their behalf as well to secure a settlement with the third party insurance.

If you do have med pay on your automobile policy, we will bill your automobile insurance. If you don't have med pay on your policy, or if your med pay is insufficient, you will be required to retain an attorney. This allows you to receive the necessary treatments, as we gladly submit a Doctor's Lien with the attorney and await payment until the settlement of your case.


While you may retain an attorney before presenting for care, there are some attorneys we will not work with because of their questionable ethics. It is preferred that you consult our office before retaining the attorney of your choice to see if they are one we do not accept.



Can my Health Insurance be used as payment for Auto Accident Treatment?

We do not accept your health insurance as payment for treatment in automobile accident cases since your health insurance will not cover the treatment requirements including, treatment frequency, time frame, procedures/modalities, examinations, x-ray studies, or reports.




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