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"When the Spine’s Away…"

If you have little kids, you know if you leave them alone for too long, something bad is bound to happen.  Worse yet, if they haven't made a peep for some time - that's when the most destruction is going down!  You have to peek in on them every now and then to make sure they're not getting into trouble.


     If you leave your spine neglected for too long, inevitably it will get in trouble too.  Vertebrae get out of line, nerves become irritable and before you know it your health is a total a mess.  When your spine's away from Chiropractic supervision - Subluxations will play...


     Kids can get into messy trouble if you don't check in on them often.  Funny how spines do the same thing too.  It's probably a good thing to keep a close eye on yours.

"A Better Healthcare Game…"

   Poor Rudolf, the enthusiastic little reindeer with the quirky glowing nose - no one wanted to play with him because he was different.  There was a time when the Chiropractic profession was in the same sleigh.


     Before the famous 1987 Wilk’s Antitrust case victory, the American Medical Association made strong efforts to keep Chiropractors from playing their ‘health care game’ - warning its members to never refer patients to Chiropractors or face being shunned by the entire medical community.  They failed to realize Chiropractic was an entirely unique health care approach (unlike medicine in any shape or form) and we wouldn’t be bullied out of serving the public with our ‘different’ Principle.


     Today the playing field is different.  More and more people rely on the inherent, recuperative properties of their own bodies and use Chiropractic to preserve and protect their health without drugs or surgery.  With our Principle so bright, we’ll continue guiding our patients to better heath and more Life.

"Nothing Organic About It..."

   Spray pesticides on an apple and it’s no longer organic.  Add a drop of oil to a glass of spring water and it’s no longer pure. Most Americans detest the idea of dumping chemicals in a pristine, natural environment.  But why not have the same aversion when it comes to getting the flu shot?


     Maybe it’s because you don’t realize what’s in it: Mercury (a known neurotoxin in the form of Thimerisol), Glycol (a component in antifreeze) and Formaldehyde (the stuff they preserve cadavers with).  If you dumped those chemicals in your local water supply you’d get arrested.  But every year, unknowing Americans line up at their local pharmacy to get this stuff injected into their veins.


     Given the choice to eat an organic apple vs. one blasted with toxic chemicals, you know which one you’d rather take a bite out of.  Question is, would you take a bite out of yourself after getting injected with the ingredients in the flu shot?  There are natural, alternative ways to boost your immune system and protect yourself from the flu. Ask your Chiropractor what they are so you can keep your body ORGANIC this season.

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